Want to say something about our blog (or us) in general? This is the place to go! I have to discourage marriage proposals though 😉

Möchtest du etwas über unseren Blog (oder uns) im gesamten sagen? Dann ist das hier der richtige Ort dafür! Ich möchte aber gleich von Heiratsanträgen abraten 😉


5 Responses to Feedback

  1. Sabine Stuess says:

    Hallo Anna,
    war heute das erste Mal auf Eurer Seite und finde es sehr spannend und lustig. Da ich ja auch total gern lese, sind die infos echt super! Werde euch weiterhin folgen.
    Übrigens,das Buch von Haruki Murakami”Kafka am Strand hab ich noch” . Sorry!!
    lg Sabine

    • Anna says:

      hallo sabine,
      wie schoen dass du unseren blog gefunden hast 🙂
      ich gehe davon aus dass mama dich hier her geleitet hat.
      und ja, das buch hatte ich schon gesucht. aber jetzt weiss ich wenigstens wo es hin ist 😀

  2. labastilletv says:

    On behalf of La Bastille and in response your blog. Which is 90% lies and can be proven to be lies! We apologise for your bad experience but you stated the cost was £10? Lie number one. the invoiced total was £5 per person for 3 courses! Plus a SPEED DEMO hence the quickness. As for the plaster no recorded complaint! and no complaint was made! So the credibility of your blogs are now in question. A screen shot will be used to verify your copyright infringement unless of course you had already obtained permission to use the chefs photograph? Unless false blog is edited to be true. I see no other option but to take all evidence direct to WordPress and have the entire blog removed. Just to clarify if you have a bad experience do not try and milk it to make your blog sound more interesting and yet also slanderous.

    • Anna says:

      I am sorry you see it that way, and I can remove the photo if you like.
      I was under the impression a photo of a public event was legal to use, but I can remove it by your request.
      As I was not the only one at the event I refuse to have my blog called slanderous and “milking it”.
      I was not the only one who was dissatisfied with the service that night.

      Thank you for your feedback.

  3. labastilletv says:

    I used the term slanderous and milking it loosely based on the fact your pricing was wrong and unknown complaints of A USED PLASTER. Which is a mystery to me as for the plaster could you inform us of the colour?

    But I must offer the sincerest of apologies for your genuinely bad experiences.

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