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21. Recreational beer, food, boobs, porn and zombie enthusiast, fantasy&scifi geek, comic fan. Often confused, sometimes nice, generally drunk. Likes to game.

Ally’s Readathon (ENG)

Hour 2 -16:38 I’m only doing this now because my internet was being moody and also, I had to bake. I will update this post rather than post a new one every hour. Reading: Terry Pratchett – Men At Arms … Continue reading

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Readathon reading list – Ally’s edition (ENG and GER)

Anna already posted her readathon list, so it’s only logical I post mine, too. I actually didn’t know what I wanted to read up until five minutes ago, so I just wandered around my room and picked books out that … Continue reading

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Things have been quiet lately. That is mostly because I’m in this weird mood where I don’t want to read. I’ve never really had that before and it worries me. I really like my book but I can’t bring myself … Continue reading

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Review: The Stolen Throne (ENG and GER)

Title / Titel: The Stolen Throne (Dragon Age I) / Der gestohlene Thron (Dragon Age I) Author / Autor: David Gaider Publishing house / Verlag: Titan Books, 2010 (first published in / Erstveröffentlichung: Tor Books, 2009) Original language / Originalsprache: … Continue reading

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The Year in Books Questionnaire: Ally’s edition (ENG and GER)

Now, after Anna posted hers, here’s my edition of the questionaire. So, nachdem Anna ihren gepostet hat, hier ist jetzt meine Version des Fragebogens.

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Review: Rampant (ENG and GER)

Title / Titel: Rampant (Killer Unicorns I) (auf Deutsch noch nicht erschienen) Author / Autor: Diana Peterfreund Publishing house / Verlag: HarperTeen, 2010 (first published in / Erstveröffentlichung: HarperTeen, 2009) Original language / Originalsprache: English / Englisch Read in / … Continue reading

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New books (ENG and GER)

Since it’s so soon after Christmas, I decided to give myself a treat and get myself some new books. Also, I was running out of new books to read. (That’s a lie. I have about 40 unread books. And that’s … Continue reading

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