Revelations of a scandalous nature

Dear Adam, (and potentially: dear other co-workers, that are decidedly less naggy than Adam),

hello and welcome to mine and Ally’s old blog. As you can see there is not much new stuff on here, apart from a broken promise to blog more. Ooops.

I ate chicken last year in September and, for future reference, here is a list of other non-vegetarian foods that I have consumed in the last three years or so:

– Heaps of prawn crackers
– Vodka jelly
– Lea & Perrins
– Vast amounts of non-vegetarian alcohol (I never really check)
– Pesto
– Parmesan and various other cheeses (I only ever check Cheddar)
– Burgers from pubs where I am not sure if they have been fried separately from meat
– Chips from McDonalds
– Chips from Coffee & Cream
– A bit of a Boeuf Bourguignon a friend made last year that he was really proud of and wanted me to at least try
– A salad dressing that was made with anchovies that no one told me about beforehand

I occasionally cook with meat as well, but usually for other people. As mentioned elsewhere in the blog, if you read stalked closely, I made some meatballs a while ago. I also made the German delicacy of Rinderrouladen for my mother last Christmas. I whinged a lot, it was icky. Still made it though.

Madly enough, I still consider myself a vegetarian, seen as I very rarely choose to eat meat and can even deal with the crushing guilt when I do try some.

I hope these facts are not too hard to stomach (pardon the pun) and will not cause you too many sleepless nights. Life r hard.



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