Review: Shiraz Restaurant Birmingham (ENG)

Now, I rarely go out for meals in England, for the plain reason that I am a poor little student and unless I am invited, I like to spend my money elsewhere. I like the whole social aspects of a meal out though, trying (new) food at a (new) place together is kind of fun. So, if someone is organising a meal out, instead of a night out, I pretty much never say no.
Yesterday I went to Shiraz in Birmingham. Unsurprisingly not my idea, but a friend of mine, who is Iranian, but grew up in Germany and now lives in England, had her brother over to visit. And loving that restaurant and wanting to introduce her brother to some of her uni friends she asked me and a few others to come out. She had taken me to Shiraz before, so it was a pretty easy decision for me.

I don’t know much about Iranian food and I am having a hard time comparing it to any other cuisines. It’s spicy, but not in the sense of “hot”, but with lots of flavours. Nothing is bland, it’s well seasoned and tastes fantastic. I ordered Kashk E Badinjan as a starter, a warm aubergine paste with fried onion and garlic. It tasted fantastic. It was served with bread (of which my Iranian friend said she has never seen in Iran), but it tasted great (and fresh!) nonetheless. I also tried some Ash-e Reshteh, which was an incredibly tasty soup that one of my friends ordered. Yes, I am one that picks at other people’s food and has to try everything on the table).

As a main I ordered Chicken Zereshk Polo, a chicken breast, cooked to perfection in a tomato sauce, served with saffron steamed rice and barberries. Now, I went for this mainly because of the barberries. I had never heard of them and was intrigued as to what rice with berries in would taste like and it was absolutely amazing. The berries look like pomegranate seeds and taste similarly fruity, which went surprisingly well with the rest of the meal. I have never eaten chicken this tender either. Or lamb for that matter, seen as I tried everyone else’s meal again. And I am stupidly fussy when it comes to meat, especially lamb, but this was fantastic.

The portions are massive and the prices are adequate, maybe even low for the amount of food you get, the staff was incredibly nice even though we were complicated (splitting the bill, making a mess, ordering tea in the beginning, having it in the end) and the restaurant is cosy.

I would really recommend a visit to Shiraz (do book a table though, it’s always busy), and if you do not live near Birmingham, you should definitely give Iranian cuisine a try. I think it’s underestimated.

Da dies eine Bewertung eines Restaurants in England ist, denke ich dass eine deutsche Übersetzung nicht so wichtig ist. Trotz allem empfehle ich iranisches Essen mal auszuprobieren. Ich liebe es und bin der Meinung dass es generell unterschätzt wird.

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2 Responses to Review: Shiraz Restaurant Birmingham (ENG)

  1. Schielan says:

    So, I figures I can comment on your bolg as well..
    Great review, I’m liking your blog 🙂 and of course, great restaurant!

  2. Maria says:

    Anna, natürlich muss das auf deutsch übersetzt werden. ich versteh doch sonst nicht alles. Und es interessiert mich aber!!!

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