Review: Urban Coffee Company (ENG)

So, I just went to the Urban Coffee Company in Birmingham and decided to blog about it. Because they do a thing where, if you mention them in your blog, they give you one of their cups. And because I am a greedy one, but also because they are pretty awesome and kinda really fit into this blog, I thought I’d go there and review them.

First things first, I heard about them a couple of months back through a friend and really wanted to go, because they sounded like the kind of coffeeshop I had been looking for for ages. You know, a cute, little one, where I can take a book or some uni work, have a cup of coffee and peoplewatch. All those things that pretentiously sophisticated people like me like to do. So, I wanted to go, but I was still in Germany at that point.

And after three agonizing months of following them on Twitter and longing to go there, I finally got back to England last week and today finally had time to go.
And I can tell you, they’re sexy! First of all, its pretty in there, large windows (peoplewatching!), chairs and comfy armchairs, big tables (reading!) and free wifi (uni work! Or procrastination). They do awesome deals, like their “silly hour”: get one large coffee and get a second free (every day between 2pm and 3pm), Muffin Monday, Cupcake Friday, and and and. The list goes on.
They have open mic nights and even their own bookclub! (Which is why it goes so well in this blog, what screams “words and food” more than a coffeeshop that has a bookclub?)

Back to the topic, they have your usual hot drinks there, I had a cappuccino, my boyfriend had a mocha and a white chocolate chip cookie, both of which he liked, apparently. My cappuccino was great, I also had a pesto and roasted pepper baguette type thing, which was yummy. It was awesome to have more variety in vegetarian options than the obligatory “cheese and tomato sandwich”. I then had to get a double chocolate and hazelnut milkshake (because I have a thing for hazelnut milkshakes and their incredibly hard to get in England) and it was the best thing I ever drank. Swear to dog.

It was all a bit dear, but no more expensive than your average coffeshop chain (which this is not) would be. So, well, it was expensive for me, but compared to other places, perfectly fine. I also couldn’t find out if their coffee was fairtrade, which would be great if it was.
So, if you live in Birmingham, or happen to come here anytime soon, please go visit the Urban Coffee Company in Church Street. They rock.

Also, donations for me to go there more often are greatly appreciated.

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One Response to Review: Urban Coffee Company (ENG)

  1. Maria says:

    Bitte diesen Text auch noch auf deutsch übersetzen.
    Im Übrigen bin sehr angetan von Eurem Blog, sowohl von Annas als auch von Allys Beiträgen. Schaue immer mal ganz neugierig rein! Gruß Mamaria

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